Liturgical Ministry Schedule


January 8-11, 2018

Daily Mass Lector:  Colleen Burton



Sat 5:00 pm Irene Kloss

Sun 10:00 am Jubilation Choir



Sat 5:00 pm Diane Volk

Sun 10:00 am Lori Mader



Sat 5:00 pm Chloe & Emmi Janski

Sun 10:00 am Ethan & Evan Mader



Sat 5:00 pm Amanda Voigt, Francis Januschka

Sun 10:00 am Sherri Sykora, Ray Thompson



Sat 5:00 pm Steve Fiedler, Jim Schlangen

Sun 10:00 am John & Ray Thompson, Joe Voigt, Nick Preusser


Body of Christ

Sat 5:00 pm Joanne Karls

Sun 10:00 am Diane Wojtanowicz


Blood of Christ

          Sat 5:00 pm Phyllis Skroch, Francis Januschka, Jean Skroch, Ted Popp

          Sun 8:00 am Cassandra Beierman, Michele Hiscock, Mike & Paula Kampa 


Communion at Home: Mike Kampa


To add your name for communion at home please call Deacon Carl Nord 223-3724





Ministry Schedule:

September 2- November 26, 2017


Contact Person:

Patti Krystosek

Office Manager

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